Swasthya Jyot (2nd Phase)

The project entitled “Managing and preventing tuberculosis among self-employed women workers” for the duration of one year is in continuation to the Swasthya Jyot-I. The project is expected to benefit 6,41,000 people in the 14 wards of Ahmedabad and Surat city.

The major objectives of the project are:

  • To assist women to avail SEWA’s integrated services: livelihood and financial services, child care, health care, literacy, insurance and housing.
  • To raise awareness about tuberculosis amongst the urban poor.
  • To establish necessary follow-up to obtain treatment compliance rate of 90% – 95% for the positive TB patients that are enrolled in this program over the course of one year.
  • To developing necessary referral linkages with local Government and private bodies for necessary care and support to the patients.
  • To identify women with STDs and general health problems through diagnostic camps and referral for necessary treatment.
  • To develop new communication tools and to use the already developed tools during the 1st phase to effectively reach women and their families with TB prevention and treatment information.

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