Swasthya Jyot (1st Phase)

Lok Swasthya Mandali implemented Swasthya Jyot-І since October 2008 till September 2009, a project for preventing tuberculosis amongst self-employed women, with the support of the Eli Lilly Foundation in Ahmedabad District, Ahmedabad City and Surat City. The project commenced with an aim of integrating TB into mainstream health and development activities, through communication tools and awareness programmes. Under this project, 382 TB patients have been benefited.

The basic objectives of the project were:

  • Raise awareness on tuberculosis amongst the urban and rural poor, particularly poor, women workers living in vulnerable conditions.
  • Build the capacity of SEWA’s community health workers to promote TB awareness and treatment
  • Develop communication tools that effectively reach women and their families with TB prevention and treatment information
  • Integrate TB into mainstream health and development activities, to decrease stigma and improve outreach.

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