Securing Young People’s Health: Yuva Swasthya

The mission of this project is to improve the reproductive and sexual health and well-being of young people. Based on our longstanding experience working with women and their daughters, this project will also develop a grassroots, scalable approach to advancing the reproductive and sexual rights and health of young people in India. It will equip young women and men with the knowledge and capacity to make independent decisions on their health; facilitate access to reproductive and sexual health services; and advocate for improved services and models to reach young people. Given that the government has already developed several policies, India now requires effective implementation ‘know-how’ for youth programs. This project will contribute grassroots experience and lessons to the knowledge base for youth reproductive and sexual health, and will advocate for scaling up of effective practices.

The project employs four key strategies to advance the reproductive and sexual health of young people. As in our earlier projects, women remain the primary focus. We refer to young women as inclusive of adolescent girls, young unmarried women and married women. This project will also specifically work to reach young men – adolescent boys and young unmarried/married men – through direct education and involvement, as well as the rest of their families through education and community events.

  • Community-based education and counseling on reproductive and sexual health for
    young people
  • Organising for appropriate and available services for young people
  • Capacity- building and development of young people
  • Evidence- building and Policy Action

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